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100% Good

Rhetorical Factory is 100% Good because:

  • Every thing is recycled. Besides some of the thread, all of our clothes have been claimed from the piles of discarded clothing that would otherwise be sent to a landfill or overseas. We don’t even shop at the regular thrift stores unless we are looking for something specific because the chances are higher that those clothes will be bought. Clearance thrift centers and donations make up our take-in inventory.
  • We save and use every scrap. I literally take the trash out once a month and it has no by-products of production. Mostly chocolate wrappers.
  • Any supplies are locally sourced. We shop at Earth Guild, True Blue, and Foam and Fabric for our ink, screen printing supplies, and thread. For our upcycled skirts we use Spiritex organic cotton. All great locally owned operations. 
  • So really we make something out of nothing, live lives of integrity following the same principles and spreading the notion whenever possible.

It’s not that we should feel guilty for the mistakes of big corporations, we just have to remember that we vote with our money. Whatever we buy gets reproduced as cheaply as possible so it’s important to take the higher road, even if that means choosing organic at a chain store since it’s the only store for 50 miles. It’s worth the extra money to give your soul a feeling of responsible fellowship with the entire world.


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